About acomeback

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Welcome to acomeback.com, a place for:

  • Those who are not afraid to try again, learn and make a comeback to better themselves in their various carrier paths and life choice plans.
  • A community of people who have had their own share of life problems but eventually overcame.
  • People who wishes to learn from other people with real life practical experience on small medium scale business growth, personal finance, as well as budgeting, savings and money making, with an added space for productivity and life hacks to help you get better at what you do and be productive.

After series of trials and errors, practical life experiments and journey from scratch to what is, right now, acomeback.com was created to help people share their comeback stories as well as success strategies to inspire the next generation of winners, documenting and sharing all of the various lifehacks, tips and advice that has helped many successful people today in their various life carrier choice move from zero to where they are in life right now.