Our founders started AComeback.com for just one reason:

How do we make people who has completely lost faith in their ability to suceed get back up, ready to try again using a verified blueprint and get results while keeping things simple but yet detailed and not complicated.

confidence macaulayHello, I am Confidence Macaulay, a nobody, not famous, not world wide recognised, not super rich or anything of such. I am just a regular young man with a strong passion for technology, all things productivity and a great zeal to succeed.

Infact, I came from a family where everyone around us has completely lost faith in anything good happening to us, the good news is, I completely changed that story and turned the tables around, now people look up to us for help, at least, in the little way we can.

Acomeback.com was started out of passion in a bedroom as a journal to help the founders stay motivated and serve as a checklist to goal achievement with topics ranging from finance, money, personality development, goal setting and life hacks to get things done properly, stay focused and be more productive.